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Bulletin Boards

Polar Lights Official BB
The Clubhouse
The Heros Emporium
Formerly the Batman Modelers Club (Mark M)
Marvel Modelers BB
Formerly the Toy Biz Club (Kitman)
Forbidden Plastic
Science Fiction vehicle & hardware modeling (Ignatzprime)
TonyMoe's Bat-Forum
CultTVman's SF Modeling Forum
Modeling Forum by Hobby Talk
Movies for Modelers by Hobby Talk
Sci-Fi, Movies, TV & Modeling (SciFiGuy)
It's Alive Monster talk with Dr. Praetorius
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeling (Fraley1701) Classic Star Trek, Starship, Science Fiction and Fantasy Modeling with Tips, Tricks, and Hints 

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Conversion & Replacement Parts
A listing of the places to find those cool heads and parts for your models
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Auction Sites
WPC Auction Site
MegaHobby Ebay Auctions


Model Museum (formerly  Spock's PLBB Member's Site)
CultTVman The BEST information for building Science Fiction Star Trek/Star Wars models
Buc Wheat's Modeling World
Kitman's Styrene and Putty Bashed Models  
Forbidden Plastics Ignatzprime
Hero's, Horrors and Little Green Men Mark Mitchell
Tonymoe's Website
Mark's Models Plenty of Werewolves, Vampires, Monsters, and now featuring a new Heroes section
Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Tay666 Everything you wanted to know about Prehistoric Scenes & more
General Modeling Site Tay666 A variety of models and links
Rainman Studios Rainman Personal web site & sculptures

Much More To Come

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